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This powerful book has been broken down into 8 lessons to discover why we are seemingly unable to experience the divine strength that was evident among first-century Christians.This book is full of serious truth for any Christ-follower who wants to embrace the challenging, yet rewarding, path of transformation in Christ.

It’s evident that you love God and want to live for Him, but there are other things in your life that are keeping you from enjoying the fullness of His presence, grace, and love.

It’s not that God is withholding these things from you; rather, you have positioned yourself, like a radio frequency, to a different tune. Countless lies of the enemy have created scripts that control your life and rob your strength. But there is hope, and it comes with a new perspective that frees you from the things that are stealing your vitality. Don’t lose heart; the God who personifies love, truth, and creative power has created you for more. The struggle is part of the process of discovery, but I want you to commit to the right struggle, moving toward the freedom and potential God has for you.

To get your copy of "Killing Kryptonite," you can visit or click this link to purchase from Amazon. The book is also available in eBook and Audiobook formats.