Outreach is an important part of Liberty Church

At Liberty, we look at outreach as having three distinct yet interconnected environments - local, national, and international outreach.

Locally: our desire is to help establish Liberty as a reliable source of generosity throughout the Hattiesburg metropolitan community, and to share the Good News of Jesus through acts of service.

Nationally: we support the planting of churches, by partnering with ARC (Association of Related Churches). We are also on the lookout to see where we can join forces with a local church/ministry, whose community has been touched by need or disaster.

Internationally: we are helping plant churches through our support of ARC, while establishing connections with ministries of like faith and mission, “to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Throughout the year, Liberty Church is involved in projects in greater Hattiesburg, to minister to members of the community. From cleaning up local parks, to passing out bookbags at the beginning of the school year, our culture is one of service outside the walls of the church.